The School Day

The school day is as follows:

  • 7.45am - Breakfast Club opens
  • 8.35am - Gates to the playground are opened
  • 8.50am - Children should be in their classroom for registration
  • 8.55am - Gates close – children arriving after this time must enter via reception and will be marked as late
  • 9.10am - Registers close – Any children arriving at school after this time will be marked as unauthorised late, unless they have been to a medical appointment.
  • 10.30am – 10.45am - Break time – 3 staff on duty
  • 12.15 – 1.15pm - Lunch – lunchtime supervisors on duty
  • 1.15pm - Afternoon session starts
  • 3.25pm - End of the school day
  • 5.45pm – After School Club closes

The start of the school day

The gates are open from 8:35am and from this time, pupils are able to go straight into their classrooms where they complete Early Morning Activities (EMA). School officially starts at 8:50am and children that arrive after 8:55am are marked as arriving late.

We have a pupil gate on Fernhill Road and another on the alley that joins Stubbs Moor Road.

During the first few days, children may be escorted into the classrooms, but from the first full week, we encourage children to come in to the classroom on their own. They hang up their coats and bags and put their named lunch box into the class crate which is in their classroom. Crates are then put in a safe place until lunchtime.

At the end of the day

Children meet their parents on the playground. If for any reason you have been held up, children are told to go to reception to wait for you. If an older sibling is collecting, please ensure that they are behaving in a mature and responsible manner or you may be asked to make alternative arrangements.

The school gates are closed at 08.55 and are not reopened until 15.10. If you need to attend the school during the school day access is via the main entrance.