A Welcome Message from the Governors…

The school’s governors would like to welcome you and your child to Cove Junior School. We are proud to be part of a school that provides the children with a safe, happy environment in which they can flourish.

The school’s governing body plays an important role in overseeing how the school is managed. Using experience from our various backgrounds, we provide support that includes; ensuring the school’s performance is evaluated and continually improves, helping to develop strategic direction for the school and ensuring legal obligations are met. Most importantly, the governing body is made up of members who care about the school and want it to continue to succeed. We are very proud of our pupils and all of their achievements. It is a privilege to be part of helping each child become thoughtful, responsible, caring members of our school and wider community.

Please don’t hold back in getting involved with our school community. Whether it is joining the school PTA, supporting trips and events or joining us as a governor, you will be made most welcome. We hope your child enjoys their time at Cove Junior School.

Chair of Governor’s annual report June 2021

Structure of the Governing Body

The Cove Junior School Governing Body is made up of potentially 15 members. At any one time the membership allows for the membership of: the Head Teacher, a Local Authority governor, a Staff governor, six Parent governors and six Co-opted governors.  Meetings are organised into specific areas so as to be as efficient in discharging our duties as possible.  All governors are expected to attend Full Governing Body meetings.

Governor Name Governor Category Period of Service Role Percentage Attendance 2019-20
Adam Bober Parent 01.22 – 01.26 N/a
Katherine Brant Co-opted 07.19 – 07.23 Vice- chair, Safeguarding, Mental Health Champion, ECT Link governor, SMSC 82
Eirian Freeman Staff 07.20  – 07.24 100
Warren Gargan Co-opted 10.18 – 10.22 Deputy Headteacher 100
Michelle Gujer Local Authority 02.22 -02.26 N/A
Tracey Hickie Headteacher 09.16 – ongoing Headteacher 100
Caroline Pickup Co-opted 11.18 – 11.22 Chair of Governors, SMSC 86
Nikki Roberts Parent 10.18 – 10.22 SEND 82
Louise Wall Co-opted 07.19 – 07.23 Pupil Premium 75
Irina White Parent 10.20-11.24 N/A
Stephanie Wright Co-opted 05.22 – 05.26 Development and Training governor. Benchmarking 92


Business Interests and governance roles in other schools 

Current Governors

Governor Name Governor Category Period of Service Business Interests Governance Roles at other schools
Adam Bober Parent  01.22 – 01.26 None None
 Katherine Brant Co-opted 07.19 – 07.23 None None
Eirian Freeman Staff 07.20 – 07.24 Staff None
Warren Gargan Co-opted 10.18 – 10.22 Staff & Other None
Michelle Gujer Local Authority 02.22 – 02.26 Staff None
Tracey Hickie Headteacher 09.16 – ongoing Staff None
Caroline Pickup Co-opted 11.09 – 11.22 None None
Nikki Roberts Parent 10.18 – 10.22 None None
Louise Wall Co-opted 07.19-07.23 None None
Irina White Parent 11.20 – 11.24 None None
Stephanie Wright Co-opted  05.22 – 05.26 None None  

Previous Governors

Governor Name Governor Category Period of Service Business Interests Governance Roles at Other Schools
Jan Hayden



2008 – 2017 Staff None
John Lewis Local Authority 2011 – 2017 None None
Mark Graves Parent 2008 – 2016 None None
Patrick Benjuya Parent 2013 – 2015 None None
Warren Gargan Staff 2014 – 2016 Staff None
Katy Young Head teacher 2009 – 2015 Head teacher None
Sanhita Dandekar Parent 2016 – 2018 None None
Amy Bateman Co-opted 2017 – 2018 Staff None
Iain Findlay Parent 2016 – 2017 None None
Sue Mann Co-opted 2008 – 2018 None None
Mark Venner Co-opted 2010 – 2019 None None
Brian Coxhead Co-opted 2008-2019 None None
Gareth Payne Co-opted 2019 None None
Esme Trufitt Parent 10.16 10.20 None Cove Infant School
Sarah Merry Local Authority 05.13 – 07.20 None None
Sarah Maddox Parent 11.18 – 11.22 Parent None