Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Young Entrepreneur Week

Thusrday 26th May - Movie Night, doors open at 5:00pm and Collectiosn should be approximately 6:50pm

Friday 27th May - Bikers' Breakfast (Scooterers welcome too) 8:15am to 8:50am

Friday 27th May - Cove Business Fair. Parents are welcome from 2:30pm to 3:45pm.

Friday 27th May - Break up for Half Term

Monday 6th June - INSET Day (SCL will be running a club here)

Tuesday 7th June - New Half Term

Tuesday 7th June - 6:00pm Meeting about 2017 French Trip




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Welcome to Cove Junior School!

Thank you to all of the parents that completed the recent survey. We thought that you may like to share in some of the results.

96.5% of parents agree that “My child enjoys school.”

100% of parents agree that “The school keeps my child safe.”

96.5% of parents agree that “The school makes sure that my child is prepared for future change.”

97.6% of parents agree that “The school meets my child's particular needs.”

98.8% of parents agree that “The school provides a range of relevant, interesting and enjoyable learning opportunities.”

97.6% of parents agree that “My child is given opportunities to develop independence and a sense of responsibility.”

Here are some of the lovely things that were added by parents. 

“Just to say I’m really pleased with my daughter’s school. She is happy and has settled well.”

“My child started here in September and has excelled since he has been here. Extremely pleased with Cove Juniors.”

“We are proud of Cove Junior School. And we would like to say thanks to all of the staff that have been involved with my child. Cove Junior School is a lovely school. Thank you all so much!”

“We think very highly of the school. Our child has come on very well from her last school and loves coming to school now!”

“My son enjoys all the topics! He especially likes all the teachers J”


“Cove Junior School is an outstanding school. It is a happy school with teacher that are always going the extra mile with the children. You could not get better teaching. The headteacher and every teacher is first class, outstanding at their jobs. My child has loved every year at Cove, he is very happy, and doing so well. Thank you to you all.”


Aiming High!

At Cove Junior School we are proud to say that our children enjoy coming to school. They are happy, confident and caring and are enthusiastic about their learning. Our school motto ‘Aiming High’ sets out our commitment to encouraging them to aspire to be the best they can be; as well as providing them with the skills they will need to live happy and fulfilling future lives.  

We place great importance on home and school partnership and believe that by working together we can ensure that children make good progress. We want our parents to be involved in their children’s learning, and our families to feel part of our school community. 

Visitors to are always welcome to visit our website and our school.



 The pupils were asked what our school motto, "Aiming High" means to them. Here are just a few replies.

 "I think it's getting really good at your work ... and everything else you do at school" Duncan (Year 3)

 "I think it's all about looking at the world around you and believing in yourself" Leah (Year 3)

 "It's all about your education and your life, so you can be a doctor or an engineer" Sneha (Year 4)

 "Persevering when anything in school is really hard. Trying when trying is difficult" Daniel (Year 5)

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